Top 5 Hilux Accessories

Hilux accessories are sure to enhance your car’s usability and your driving comfort. They range from simple pleasures such as a leather seat to life-saving ones such as fog lamps, and everything in between. If you’re wondering about what you get for yourself or want to gift someone on their special day, there are a ton of Hilux accessories for you to choose from and here are some of the most popular ones.

Some of the advantages of these Hilux accessories are:
Compatible with a hilux lift kit. When using a lift kit on a 4wd the options are endless because you get far more clearance to fit the bigger wheels. Lift kits are both safe and look really good. Not to mention the 4wd benefits you will get from having a lifted vehicle. The hilux lift kit is one of the most used add on’s in the 4wd world. It is both affordable and super easy to install.


Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels greatly improve the visual impression of your car. These Hilux accessories are nothing but wheels made of an alloy of aluminum and magnesium to give them greater strength and durability, besides attractive looks.

Some of the advantages of these Hilux accessories are:

  • Improved looks – Earlier, alloy wheels were restricted to luxury and sports cars, but advancements in technologies have brought down its cost and hence, it has become accessible for all cars.
  • Better heat conduction – These wheels can dissipate heat faster than the normal wheels and this means, you get better breaking performance.
  • Reduced chance for brake failure – Due to the high levels of heat conductivity, it brakes well and chances for failure are greatly reduced.
  • Greater suspension – These wheels decrease the amount of unsprang weight, so the suspensions work better.
  • Better handling – You can handle the car better and will have great control while maneuvering.
  • Fuel economy – Since these alloy wheels are lighter than the normal wheels, the fuel economy is marginally better.

Thus, these are some of the advantages that come with alloy wheels and for these reasons; they are a popular accessory for Hilux cars.

Fog Lamps

Fog lamps are a specialized lamp that provides a short and wide beam that falls fairly close to the car. The obvious advantage is that these lamps give you the visibility when you drive through thick fogs or in areas with very little visibility. Even if you can’t see things too far ahead, these lamps will give you enough light to see the upcoming speed breakers and other important details for your safety.

Another advantage is that these lights reduce the glare coming on the opposite side from cars and other vehicles that can sometimes be blinding for a few moments. This is, in fact, a better alternative to high beam lights as they don’t give this level of visibility in a fog.

Most times, the fog lamps are yellow as they penetrate well through bad weather conditions. Though some fog lamps come with blue lights, they are not as common as the yellow lights and don’t serve the purpose well.

Padded Armrest

Padded armrests are a popular category of Hilux accessories, especially for those who tend to drive long distances. Sometimes, your hand gets tired and weary after a long drive and it feels great to rest it on a padded area and that’s exactly what a padded armrest does for you. You can relax at traffic signals or in rest areas while driving through long distances and it is sure to add to your comfort and convenience.

Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors are another category of Hilux accessories that add to your safety and ease of driving. These are most useful when you drive with your window down at high speeds, especially when it is windy or raining. These deflectors push the wind and rain away from you, so your driving or focus is not affected in any way.

Some of the other advantages of these Hilux accessories are:

  • Prevents wind and rain from hitting you
  • Reduces the wind noise
  • It is usually tinted to prevent the glare from lights coming in the opposite direction
  • Its aerodynamic design ensures that there is no drag
  • Fits well with any car model and can add to the overall looks of your car.
  • It comes in pairs, one for each side
  • Easy to fit, remove, or wash
  • It has a smooth and slim design

Given these innumerable benefits, these Hilux accessories are a must-have for those who prefer to drive with their windows down.

Minor Hilux Accessories

Many minor Hilux accessories add to your comfort and convenience. A case in point is the leather seat covers that not only look plush but also make it comfortable to sit for long distances. Ashtrays and floor mats are other Hilux accessories that fall into the same category as they add to the overall looks of the car and also, make traveling a convenient experience.

There are also a few specific Hilux accessories that work in certain situations. For example, bicycle holders are a great choice if you love to ride on your bike on the vast outdoors and trails. Likewise, child restraint seats are a good choice if you have young children who require being strapped to the car seat by law.

Hilux Accessories Pack

If you find it hard to choose a single accessory or if you’re planning to buy a few together, a good option is the Hilux accessories pack. This is a set of accessories designed by the company to give you convenience and value, not to mention the customization that can come with it. These Hilux accessories provide many practical comforts and all of them seamlessly integrate with each other. The contents of these Hilux accessories pack are:

  • Toyota touch and go navigation
  • Multi-media navigation
  • Hotspot
  • Rear camera
  • Padded armrest
  • Leather handbrake
  • Invincible badges
  • Chrome air intake
  • Scuff plates for front and rear
  • Front fog lamp surround
  • Front guard
  • Front under guard
  • Rear light bezel
  • High over bar
  • Towing hitch

As you can see, this Hilux accessories pack gives you a ton of flexibility and convenience, so this is something you may want to consider for your new Hilux car.

To conclude, Hilux accessories give additional comfort, luxury, and convenience that comes with driving a Hilux car. While the above accessories are not an exhaustive list, they sure give you an idea of the different options you have in this area. Just make sure you buy from a reputed website or company that is authorized to sell these Hilux accessories, so they last for a long time.